Locate Request

For locate request call: 811

In Albuquerque: Dial 811 or 260-1990 during regular business hours.

Statewide: Dial 811 or 800-321-ALERT (2537) during regular business hours.

By Fax: (505)260-1248 or (800)727-8809 24 Hours a day.

By Web at: Request a Line Spot 24 Hours a day.











New Mexico 811 is now accepting applications for the Executive Director position. Applicants wishing to apply should include a resume, cover letter and application for employment in an email to hr@nm811.org
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Welcome to the New Mexico 811 Damage Prevention Center website. We are a communication medium between you and the various utility companies with cables and other facilities buried underground.

Before you begin a project that includes digging, you should know what’s below! By calling us before you dig, we are able to dispatch locators from the utilities in your area to mark the buried lines.

Our services are free and easy! You can dial 811 from your phone, or use our online web portal to submit your ticket requests online.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 505-260-1165

KorInsight the Damage Reporting Tool for the state of New Mexico is up and running. To sign up and report your damage please go to http://korinsightnm.korterra.com/login

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Damage Prevention

Is a Shared Responsibility


NMPRC Designates April as Safe Digging Month for 2016

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